Wine on OpenBSD

Sascha Hanse sensei at
Fri Oct 22 13:31:10 CDT 2004

>> I just tried to install the recent Wine-tarball (20041019) on my
>> OpenBSD 3.6. First I had to remove kthread.c:275: the RFTHREAD flag.
>> Then the'make depend && make' worked properly but the make install
>> first fails with:
>> /usr/bin/install -c
>> /usr/local/lib/wine/ cd `dirname setupapi/__install__`
>> && make install gcc -g -O2   -o install install.c 
>Your make tries to build the 'make install' target from install.c,
>that won't work of course. I guess we'll have to rename that file,
>unless OpenBSD make has an equivalent of the .PHONY target.
>Alexandre Julliard

Hi Julliard,

thank you for your response. Could you tell me when or how this can be

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