IE6 install Regression

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Sat Oct 23 02:49:52 CDT 2004

Mike McCormack a écrit :
> Eric Pouech wrote:
> I don't think so.  In any case, there's no msvcrt.dll in Windows\System 
> at this stage of the install.
yes, but there's one installed in the download area, and it's loaded.
 From the traces:
0022:Call PE DLL (proc=0x7e566d62,module=0x7e560000 
0022:Ret  PE DLL (proc=0x7e566d62,module=0x7e560000 
L"msvcrt.dll",reason=PROCESS_ATTACH,res=(nil)) retval=1
0022:Call msvcrt.malloc(00000080) ret=0040153a
0022:Ret  msvcrt.malloc() retval=77d1b878 ret=0040153a
0022:Call msvcrt._initterm(00402000,00402004) ret=00401564
0022:Ret  msvcrt._initterm() retval=00000000 ret=00401564
0022:Call ret=004015a6
0022:Ret retval=00000001 ret=004015a6
0022:Call PE DLL (proc=0x7e566d62,module=0x7e560000 
0022:Ret  PE DLL (proc=0x7e566d62,module=0x7e560000 
L"msvcrt.dll",reason=PROCESS_DETACH,res=(nil)) retval=1
But, it seems the issue appears afterwards, so that shouldn't be an issue.

> No.  The (incorrect) patch below fixes the problem.  My guess is that 
> IE6 is using the reserved fields somehow.
Very likely. There was a bug in the way the size of runtime info was 
passed. The attached patch fixes it. Does it help ?

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