Program To Check System Metrics

William Poetra Yoga H williampoetra at
Sat Oct 23 04:15:02 CDT 2004

Hi guys (& gals), if you remember I was working on the caption buttons. I
haven't submitted the patch yet (it's still in progress) and I wish to know the
relations between system metrics, because I think they are very closely related
to drawing on the screen, like borders, sizes, etc.

I'm writing an app here, called metrics, but since this is my first Win32
program, I've encountered many problems (and solved only a few :-P). I've read
bits of theForge's Win32 tutorial at (I got the link from
Wine), but I just can't figure out how to handle the "Refresh" and "Save"
buttons properly. "Refresh" is for refreshing (regetting) the metric values,
and save is for saving the values to a file.

Please help me with this, and be informed that this is my first Win32 app, so
bear with me...

File is attached.

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