The wine user guide: an idea

Noam Raphael noamr at
Sat Oct 23 13:34:40 CDT 2004


First, let me apologize: I am not familiar with wine, and I didn't make 
a decent research before I posted this message. I just read through the 
wine user guide, and though of something that could be nice for a user 
as lazy as I am. Since the introduction asked for comments, I comment.

What I would like is a section with common use cases of wine and 
step-by-step instructions for each of them. It shouldn't be long - it 
should be mostly links to other parts of the user guide. I think of 
something like that:

CASE: I have a working windows machine, and I would like to use the 
installed programs from linux. (which happens to be my situation...)
1. Install wine (see ...)
2. Copy all files into your home dir, for example, ~/wine/C
3. Run winecfg (see ...)

This would give the users (or at least me) a nice warm feeling that what 
I want to do was already done and isn't so complicated (I hope - I 
haven't tried it yet).

Have a good week,
Noam Raphael

P.S. if you reply, can you please CC me? I'm not a member of wine-devel.

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