Patch : dlls/ntdll, dlls/kernel, dlls/user

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sun Oct 24 09:45:01 CDT 2004

"Peter Quiring" <pquiring at> wrote:

> I've added some stub's for 39 functions that I've come accross
> while using Wine.  I often try to use native DLLs as much as
> possible but can't always unless these 39 stubs are added.
> I've also attached a txt file listing the functions I've added.

That's usually considered a bad idea to add stubs to .spec files if
there is no real need for that. And that's really the case, since:

1. there is no real difference between a missing API and a stubbed
in the .spec file one
2. using native dlls "as much as possible" is not encouraged in Wine
at all, and especially for Wine *development*
3. you can't use native versions of ntdll, kernel32 and user32 in any
4. Adding stubs for NT/win2k/win2k3 only APIs will make the things
much worse for some apps, because they could start think that they
are running under those platforms by checking presence of that APIs


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