Problems downloading the RedHat packages

Vincent Béron vberon at
Mon Oct 25 19:39:50 CDT 2004

Le lun 25/10/2004 à 13:57, Bill Medland a écrit :
> I am unable to download the RedHat 20041019 packages; any idea why?  (Did they 
> get built?)
> I can download a SuSE one (well, it at least asks me if I want to save it) but 
> for all the Red Hat ones I've tried the mirror page keeps repeatedly coming 
> up and it never actually tries to download.

They're all built and uploaded to sourceforge. Unfortunately, it seems
there are some problems with some mirrors, which are not yet updated
(it's been at least 72 hours that the last packages have been uploaded).

Also, since the stats already show 8500+ downloads (if I total all the
packages for RH/FC/WBEL, minus the devel ones), some people are getting
access to the files.

Nevertheless, here's what my results are for
wine-20041019-1fc1winehq.athlon.rpm (other files will probably vary):
Aleron (US): not available
OptusNet (AU): available
UMN (US): not available
Heanet (EU): not available
OVH (EU): not available
Mesh (EU): not available
UNC (US): not available
Voxel (US): not available
Puzzle (EU): available
Belnet (EU): not available

So the availability stats are not pretty, but it is possible to download
it. Also, on each mirror (except Heanet), the page returned instead of
the file said "The mirror you've selected, does
not currently have the file you requested. (This is an error on our part
which will be fixed)." I don't know how to fix their problems, unless we
begin to host them on (which I don't think will anytime
happen soon).

To finish, some fun stats on 20040914 from
The total size of completed downloads is a bit over 1.7 TB. This amounts
to about 658 kB/s throughout the month. Counting the binary versions and
the source downloads (and not the devel packages), there were about
94000 downloads from mirrors for 20040914.


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