rsaenh [beware: 27kB attachment]

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Mon Oct 25 20:42:17 CDT 2004

Hi Michael, some very brief feedback:

1. MD4, MD5, and SHA1 are now implemented in wine's
advapi32.  Please use these instead of OpenSSL's.
2. The regression tests should be written so they
don't fail if OpenSSL isn't available.
3. Get rid of magic numbers:  What do the values 0x36
and 0x5c mean in copy_hmac_info?  What is the length

Finally, some stylistic nits:
4. Please break long lines.
5. In some of the files you have the incorrect
filename in the comments, e.g. dlls/rsabase/handle.c,
6. Your indentation in some places is inconsistent;
you mix spaces and tabs, and that makes it hard for me
to guess the appropriate tab size.

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