Wine User Guide Improvements

Scott Ritchie scott at
Tue Oct 26 17:55:45 CDT 2004


I agree with your plan to condense the guide down.  I would still keep
some parts of the Getting Wine chapter and put it at the end of the
introduction, or possibly at the beginning of configuring wine.  I agree
about changing it to be mostly a reference to the relevant parts of
WineHQ.  Would it be duplicitous of me to just go ahead and redo the
Getting Wine chapter and leave it as it is now, and perhaps merge it
into configuring/introduction once you're done?

That way we'll have 4 chapters:
Configuring Wine
Running Wine

The running wine chapter eventually needs to be rewritten too (outdated
switches, etc.)  It could probably be reorganized a bit to read nicer as
well (for example, directions for uninstalling programs are given before
running them.)

I'd like to have the documentation revamped by the next release.
Combined with the coming winecfg patches, the major red marks at can be replaced with happy green
bars.  I think we can easily have the yellow bit for the User Guide
finished by then too.  After that, the only major things in the way of
0.9 seem to be the developer and winelib guide, which are a bit beyond
my abilities.

(note: forwarded to wine-devel for further feedback)

Scott Ritchie

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