Listview notify_dispinfoT Messageformat

Thorsten Kani beebix at
Wed Oct 27 13:11:30 CDT 2004

Testing showed that the current implementation of notify_dispinfoT 
doesnt work with W2K. (or at least not with SP4 (:   )
The attached patch corrects that our Listview doesnt display anything on 

Following assumption proved to be wrong for the Message LVN_GETDISPINFOW:
With testing on Windows 2000 it looks like the notify format
has nothing to do with this message. It ALWAYS seems to be
in ansi format. */

This time, only LVN_*ETDISPINFOW is patched, anything else is untouched.
-Anybody please tell me if you see problems with this Fix since i dont 
want to break things.-


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