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Wed Oct 27 16:23:31 CDT 2004


this is an updated version of my rsaenh.dll patch from yesterday with Juan's 
suggestions implemented:

1.) Changed destruct_... function names to destroy_... .
2.) Removed the multiple-of-four behaviour for handles.
3.) Got rid of the splitting of handle management functions into one table 
locking function and one function, which actually does the real work.
4.) MD4, MD5 and SHA hashes as well as random number generation will work now 
even if rsaenh was compiled with libssl-dev headers available, but no at run-time.
5.) Compilation fixes for the case that OpenSSL was configured to support only 
a subset of the functions imported by rsaenh.dll.
6.) Uses /dev/urandom instead of OpenSSL's RAND_bytes function. (Do we have to 
check for the availability of /dev/urandom in the configure script?)

If you want to try the patch note the following:
- After you have applied the patch you have to run autoheader and autoconf.
Then cd dlls ; make_dlls ; cd .. ; configure. 
- After you have compiled and installed wine, you have to unregister rsabase 
and register rsaenh (regsvr32 /U rsabase ; regsvr32 rsaenh). rsaenh.dll is 
meant to replace rsabase.dll sometime (Windows XP also has rsaenh.dll only).

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