Re-implement MSVCRT *printf

Jakob Eriksson jakov at
Thu Oct 28 03:50:36 CDT 2004

Aneurin Price wrote:

> I still don't really know what I might test here. Maybe try examples 
> of cases where the current code does not act like Windows; there are 
> also some cases where neither acts like windows (but they seem to have 
> the same problems). The problem is I probably wouldn't think of cases 
> where my code causes regressions (otherwise it wouldn't do so:-)), and 
> this isn't really something in which you can enumerate all the 
> different combinations of options (at least without infinite time and 
> patience).

Just test a few things you can think up right away, that you expect to 
work. Also test a few things
you expect should fail. The most important thing is a few simple tests 
are commited, so others
can improve on it later, as issues come up.

Jakob Eriksson

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