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Thu Oct 28 15:01:13 CDT 2004

Shachar Shemesh <wine-devel at> writes:

>> *CPGenRandom* is one of the more difficult functions to implement
>> correctly, and it must be done correctly to maintain the security of
>> a CSP. *CPGenRandom* is used internally by the *CPGenKey*
>> <>
>> function, as well by applications when generating data items used in
>> cryptographic protocols such as challenge strings. A CSP is not
>> producing message security if values of the cryptographic keys or
>> challenge strings produced by a CSP are predictable.
> The way I read it, the rest of the discussion further enhances this
> point. They are basically saying that the seed should be taken from a
> hardware device, if one is available.

This is *exactly* what /dev/urandom does.

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