Wine, openssl, kerberos, and "fixme:crypt:RSA_CPAcquireContext You have to install"

Vincent Béron vberon at
Fri Oct 29 08:27:08 CDT 2004

Le ven 29/10/2004 à 01:56, Dan Kegel a écrit :
> Maybe this is old hat, but:
> I ran into the message
> fixme:crypt:RSA_CPAcquireContext You have to install and development headers in order to use crypto API
> while running an app.  Looking at the code,
> it's only issued if wine's configure can't find /usr/include/openssl/ssl.h.
> But I have that file!  Digging deeper, I saw that ssl.h
> includes krb5.h, which isn't on the standard include path.
> explains the issue.  It looks like needs
> to be modified as described in that bug report to check
> for pkgconfig-openssl, and use it if present to guess
> the cflags needed to use openssl:
> $ pkg-config openssl --cflags
> -I/usr/kerberos/include
> A workaround seems to be to configure like this:
> ./configure CFLAGS="-I /usr/kerberos/include "
> This happily sets HAVE_OPENSSL_SSL_H in include/config.h.

IIRC, that's only needed on RH9 (not on RH7.3, RH8, FC1, FC2, WBEL3),
and is exactly what my rpm for it does.

Also, CPPFLAGS is a better choice than CFLAGS (it's the preprocessor
which needs that -I directive, not the compiler).


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