We hit 5mb for 3 months running!

Mike Hearn mh at codeweavers.com
Fri Oct 29 10:41:48 CDT 2004

Hey guys,

Here's a great excuse for a party: wine-patches has had 5mb of traffic 
per month for the last three months now. Apart from a short dip over the 
summer, it looks like we've been consistently generating 5mb/month for 
most of the year!

2003 was mostly hovering around the 4mb level, and 2002 was mostly 1-2mb 
  (apart from when Dimi had his listview hackfest and we got 6mb!) so we 
seem to be doing something right :)

Let's see if we can keep it up and who knows, maybe 2005 will be 
averaging at 6mb/month!

Expect me to be doing my bit in a few days (ADSL on Nov 1st now :)

thanks -mike

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