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William Poetra Yoga H williampoetra at
Sun Oct 31 08:43:43 CST 2004

--- Roderick Colenbrander <thunderbird2k at> wrote:

> The colors of your gnome/kde desktop don't map that nicely to windows
> colors. Because of this the end-result won't allways be very nice. In the
> future we might want something like this. The best way to add something like
> this is to finish our uxtheme dll and add support for theming to all
> controls. Then WineLook=win95 (or winxp) will give you the "classic" colors
> and lets say "uxtheme" will give everything the look and feel of lets say
> gtk/qt. (this is how windows xp does its theming too)
> Roderick

Please reply below the original post.

Yeah, agreed. Your idea is good, and we just have to wait for uxtheme.dll to
finish. But in the meantime is it ok for us to change the default colors?
Because the Win95 colors are just too... dull. And my "gradient colors for
caption bar" patch will make WINE's windows look nice if Win2K/XP colors are
applied... _IF_ my gradient-colors-patch will ever get accepted, because until
now it's not been applied yet... (but that's for another thread :-P)

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