Countering arguments against Wine

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Sun Oct 31 11:31:33 CST 2004

On Sun, 31 Oct 2004 01:26:21 -0800, Jim White <jim at> wrote:
> Thank you indeed Dan!  If I encounter Mike Hearn yet again with his
> "Darwine is Pointless" arguments I can sed 's/Wine/Darwine/ s/Linux/Mac
> OS X/' in reply to him.


I just went back through the archives and couldn't find any reference
like that.  Do you have a link to the thread or was it a private email?  

The closest I saw was this exchange where you wrote:
 "This is the more general project that has emerged from my initial idea 
 for Darwine, namely X86/Linux binary compatibility for OS X. "

Mike replied:
 "Hmm, what is that useful for? Nearly all software for Linux is open 
 source and can be ported or sometimes simply recompiled for any given 

That wasn't speaking about Wine.


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