Add time zone to TZ_Info

Duane Clark dclark at
Sun Oct 31 18:29:59 CST 2004

Roger wrote:
> I agree that PDT should say "Pacific Daylight Time" but whoever wrote
> this section refered to both ..DT and ..ST as "Standard Time" for some
> good reason.I assumed so I followed convention.  It came up in an app
> I was running as a fixme since we switched to std time today and is used
> by TIME_GetTZAsStr().  If it appears beneficial, I'll be happy to change
> all the ..DT references to "Daylight Time" and resubmit.

Not quite every place; MEST says daylight. It appears to me that the 
only place this is used is the function TIME_GetTZAsStr(), which appears 
to only be used in  RtlQueryTimeZoneInformation(). So the question would 
be, what does that function return on Windows (and perhaps, does any 
program care).

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