regression: listbox stays disabled in created dialog-window

Duane Clark dclark at
Wed Sep 1 12:02:43 CDT 2004

Rein Klazes wrote:
> Hi Duane. Unfortunately your patch does not change anything (that is cvs
> winpos.c + alexandre's patch + your patch).
> Maybe I did not explain clearly enough: these windows show alright but
> without painting the borders, caption, buttons etc. The defects also
> show in applications with a modern interface consisting of many
> floating/dockable/movable panes: no borders around the panes are
> painted. 

Oops, not enough coffee yet this morning. Actually, the problem I was 
having with Pegasus, that the patch attempts to fix, is with 
minimization. That is, I minimize and then attempt to restore Pegasus, 
and nothing shows up *except* the main window border (you don't have 
that?). Yes, I do also see the problem with the non-client areas of the 
internal windows.

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