W->A calls

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at wanadoo.fr
Fri Sep 3 12:33:15 CDT 2004

> So -- is there a unit testing or so or do all people just make a bunch 
> of extra files to make the function calls and make what they need compile?
> If I change, say , dlls/winmm/mci.c: winmm: mciSendStringW , how will I 
> be able to verify the change didn't change the behavior of the function? 
> (rather than just trusting I am sort-of sure my hacks are working??)
as a side note, changing the W->A calls for mciSendStringW only makes 
sense when the MCI drivers (at least the 32 bit ones) are ported to 
unicode interface (which another magnitude of effort than just the 
mciSendStringW function).

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