Can WINE be made for DOS using GCC for DOS?

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Sat Sep 4 19:45:42 CDT 2004

Hi Todd,

--- "Todd S." <sias.programming at> wrote:
> Hello! My name is Todd, and I know this sounds like a stupid
> question, but if it was ever possible, could the "WINE" application
> ever be built with the "DOS" version of GCC/G++ so Windows programs
> can be executed from DOS-mode?

There are quite a few problems with this and I dont even know all the
issues but I will give you a list of what I do know.

1. Dos is of course 16 bit so you would need to do something along the
lines of djgpp or a 32bit dos extension and memory management.

(I have given some thought to attempting to build the Win16 support in
Wine in djgpp so we could attempt to build a Win16 VDM for ReactOS)

2. Wine assumes a lot of Unixisms for the Wineserver. In short you
could port the Win32api to almost anything but you still need a way to
load the programs and emulate the enviorment. This means you need a PE
loader as DOS programs are MZ.

3. You would still need a working GDI/User driver for the dos
framebuffer. Well you would need a whole Graphics subsystem.

Why are you interested in this? Are you wanting to support Windows
applications on FreeDOS? One project that I know of tried to go down
this route and it is quite a dead route. I would recommend working with
ReactOS instead if that is your goal.


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