Wine and industrial communication like OPC

Rickard Svensson riq at
Tue Sep 7 01:47:15 CDT 2004

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> > Now I also got some questions from  your answers:
> > 
> > * Did I understand correctly. Wine doesn't have a built in support for DCom, to be abel to use Dcom I have to add the DCom support from Windows 98 to the Linux system?
> > And the problem with that is the MS License, it stops me from distribute those XXX.dll with a Linux product (hardware and software in this case.)
> It doesn't stop you, basically the license says "you must have a Windows 
> license to use this code". Because it's technically a part of Windows, see?

I hate license issues!
I can see that for many people this wouldn't be an issue, because they probably have some old Win 98 CD/Licens somewhere (if they even care).
But for a company that would like to send it as part of an embedded computer with Linux I can se a lot of problems.

> However a Windows license is quite cheap relative to $3000-$4000 for the 
> APIs so maybe this isn't a problem.

But that was per development project, not per system we want to use OPC in.

> You could even buy copies of Windows 98 off ebay or something for 
> ultra-cheap living. The license can be for any version of Windows AFAIK.

That could perhaps be an idea....
What does AFAIK stand for?

> The difficulty may be that nobody has tested network DCOM servers on 
> Wine as far as I know, even using Microsofts implementation. So you'd be 
> doing some pioneering work :)

That is good ;-)
In the industry we are a lot of people who really question the total madness of letting the OPC standard be that depended on Windows, when it is supposed to be a "free" organization.

My hope if I can get this to work is to publish a site on the net so all who want to use Linux in the industrial computing can do that quite easy...
But then we have the license issues to :-(

> - Wines own, builtin code. This is incomplete and cannot do what you want.
> - Microsofts DCOM implementation
> Wine *does* have support for MSRPC, and I think it's wire compatible 
> with Windows these days and capable of making simple RPCs. However the 
> RPC runtime (rpcrt4.dll) is just the first layer of DCOM, all the rest 
> don't work right yet.

Ok, now I understand, and also why I got confused before.

And there is a lot of work needed to make DCom to work in Wine?
Is someone working on it or is it something that not is that important in other cases?

Thanks a lot Mike for you answer!

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