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Uwe Bonnes bon at
Wed Sep 8 05:17:48 CDT 2004

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Kaufmann <hallo at> writes:


    Michael> I promise that I'll remember you to reactivate this
    Michael> testcase. If we don't modify DestroyMenu NOW, there's also a
    Michael> good chance that this bug will never be fixed. Remember, a lot
    Michael> of Delphi applications don't work because of this bug which is
    Michael> simple to fix and breaks only one single testcase. Is is really
    Michael> more important that WINE passes this test but fails on Delphi
    Michael> apps again and again? What will the users of WINE think?


can we perhaps create a test case, that mimics the Delphi behaviour and
succeeds on WinXX but fails on Wine? Then the behaviour is well documented
and there is less reason to not fix it while breaking another test.

    Michael> To fix it properly, we have to move the menu code to
    Michael> WineServer. When will this happen? In a year? In two years?

Well, if you look at Alexandre's and other codeweaver patches, a lot is
happening in the area of window management and the server. But one step at a

    Michael> Never? Until then, many Delphi apps won't work. For me, this is
    Michael> not acceptable.

There are other things that seem (on the first glance) " not acceptable" to
me, when problems I try to pinpoint are not solved. But hey, we are an open
project, and as long as nobody pays for the Delphi fix, nobody has a "right"
on a fix. We have to work together to get it right...


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