[wine] RFC: more Windows-NT like user directories?

David Lee Lambert lamber45 at cse.msu.edu
Mon Sep 20 07:30:55 CDT 2004

On Mon, Sep 20, 2004 at 12:32:19AM -0700, Juan Lang wrote:
> Folks, I'm still working on the shell path functions,
> and I was thinking of changing the directory layout
> for the shell directories (desktop, start menu, my
> documents and whatnot) from the Windows 95-ish way to
> the NT-ish way.  That is, rather than being children
> of c:\windows, they'd generally be children of
> c:\documents and settings\<username>.

Please remember that under Windows 95 with multiple users or Windows NT 4, per-user 
settings are stored under C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\<username> or 
C:\WINNT\Profiles\<username> (if I remember rightly).  The actual paths are stored 
in the Registry;  or are you just thinking about changing the default locations for 
new installations?

Either layout is fine for testing-only installations, but in a production
environment I would probably point the "Desktop" to $HOME/Desktop (shared with KDE)
and "My Documents" to $HOME/ .  The have been regular questions on the users list
asking how to do things like this.

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