winemaker/winelib problems

Tim Ruehsen tim.ruehsen at
Thu Sep 23 07:09:54 CDT 2004


i want to compile a small MFC based app using winelib/winemaker. The system is 
Debian SID (upto date, daily patched) (wine 20040716).

As I understood from doc 'winelib-user/mfc-compiling' I have to compile MFC 
first. I copied dir 'atlmfc' from VC7 onto my machine, cd'ing into 
atlmfc/src/mfc und executing:
 winemaker --mfc .
No errors.

./configure --with-wine=/usr/bin 
--with-wine-includes=/usr/include/wine/windows --with-wine-libraries=/usr/lib 
--with-wine-dlls=/usr/lib/wine --with-mfc=/usr/oms/atlmfc 
'checking for configure: error: Could not find the Wine dlls 

And really: is not on my system, but I can 
find /usr/lib/wine/
Now I try to work around it by making a symbolic link
 ln -s /usr/lib/wine/ /usr/lib/wine/

Again calling ./configure with the same options as above results in
'checking for atldef.h header... configure: error: Could not find the ATL 

atldef.h does exist:
-rwxr--r--  1 oms users 7569 Sep 23 13:09 /usr/oms/atlmfc/include/atldef.h

I played around with some other options to ./configure but the result stays 
the same. I edited configure to wrok around it, but I get similar errors with 
other includes (which exist as well).

Can anyone give me a hint what to do? (Yes, I read the docs, but they are 
somewhat confusing... looks like something is missing there).

Thanks for your patience!


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