urlmon: IInternetSecurityManager

Boaz Harrosh boaz at hishome.net
Tue Sep 28 08:29:12 CDT 2004

Mike McCormack wrote:

> I considered writing a program to generate the code, since it is 
> boilerplate code.  The input could be the header file for the class 
> factory, and the output the implementation.
> Adding more non-standard header files may not be a direction we want 
> to head in...
> Mike
Rrr, and when fixing a bug or making an Enhancement. all these files 
have to change. Code wizards are not code re-use. Even MS has their ATL 
or MFC to "implement once" all this grunt work. BUT wine no. must redo 
every thing from scratch. A rich wine-Internal implementation framework 
should be the direction to go. A new COM implementation should be an 
instantiation of one macro, or two, and the code itself. Clean fast and 
attractive for new hackers.

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