Riched20: thanks + regression "beta" not shown

Tobias Burnus burnus at
Fri Apr 1 10:04:32 CST 2005


Phil Krylov wrote:
>>Before it showed a beta character from the Symbol font, now it only
>>shows a box ("[]").
> Did you check later CVS? I tried to read an RTF containing beta from the
> Symbol font both as 'b' (CP_SYMBOL codepage) and as 0xF062 (Unicode),
> and both did look like betas on the screen.

Hmm, I think the reason for my boxes was that I didn't install 
symbol.ttf from Windows (I had only a "Symbol Set BT" and bitmap fonts 
before). Anyway,
both displaying in the application _and_ (thanks to the patch) exporting 
to RTF work now.

>>One feature request: Currently, tabs are shown as box ("[]"), how about
>>replacing them with a simple space - that would increase the readability
>>a lot.
> I suppose this is more addressed to Krzysztof... The readability could be
> even better if tab positions were supported :)
True ;) But failing to write patches for Wine myself, I'll try not to 
ask to much.


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