Should all A functions forward to their respective W's?

James Hawkins truiken at
Mon Apr 4 16:01:34 CDT 2005


In the current state of wine, we have several A/W functions. 
Sometimes both the A and W functions are separately implemented with
an ansi and unicode implementation respectively.  Other A/W functions
have the A forward to the W, converting the ansi to unicode.  For all
the functions that can, should we forward all A to their W
counterparts?  When it comes to the conformance test suite, this would
be ideal.  Only the A functions would have to be tested and in doing
so, we test the A/W conversion and the functionality of the W
functions (we're striving for all-unicode internally anyway).  This
would reduce the number of bugs, and the time it takes to fix current
bugs.  When both A and W are implemented and we find a bug in one of
them, we have to remember to fix the same bug in the other function. 
For most of the functions, converting ansi to unicode is boilerplate
code.  This process could even be a janitorial project.  What do you

James Hawkins

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