Remote debugging

David Hemmo at
Wed Apr 6 07:06:50 CDT 2005


I am new to wine.

I try to get a PC software (I have the source code) to run on Linux but 
as the project may take a while, I try to prepare a development 
environement that will make my life easier.

I have Wine from CVS, and msvcmon (the remote part of Visual studio) 
running on Linux.

I can launch the software from my windows machine, and I can break on my 
source code running un Linux.

But step doesn't work.

Would someone have an idea of where in wine source code I should have a 
look ?
Is there any document that you know that could help me to understand how 
it works, and the architecture ?


David Hemmo

PS: This is a repost, it looks like my first post didn't got through :-(

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