Problem with CyberKnex Programmer program and direct LPT1 port access

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Sat Apr 9 11:40:25 CDT 2005

Hi Terry, I'll jump in on this if you don't mind.

> It appears that my program, in the "setupapi", calls 
> SetupDiClassGuidsFromNameExA with the name "Ports". So I presume
> this is trying to get a handle for the "Ports" driver which looks
> like it is not implemented.

Almost.  I think it's trying to get the GUID of all devices that full
under the "Ports" class.  This includes serial and parallel ports.  I
suspect it will then try to enumerate devices of that class, using e.g.
SetupDiGetClassDevsA.  Right now a very hackish implementation of
SetupDiGetClassDevsA/W exists for serial ports, but not for parallel

> I note it trys to get some info on a 
> ControlClass key from the registry. This fails.

Yep, this appears to be missing from the registry.  Some keys probably
should be added to tools/wine.inf, there isn't much point in searching the
registry for these keys if they're never added.

Both of these should be addressed, but you can probably hack something for
the moment:  have SetupDiGetClassGuidsFromNameExA return some GUID you
make up for "Ports", and see how far your app gets.  If if then calls some
other SetupDi function with that GUID, hack up that function to return
something.  I'm not suggesting that should go into Wine, but you can
probably coax the app into getting farther.

> 1. How well does wine generally work when "windows=winxp" ?

Depends on the app.

> 3. I note that the device NtDeviceIoControlFile ioctl interface in
> 	ntdll only supports CDROM devices. Also there does not seem
> 	to be a way of dynamically attaching devices. Should I just
> 	hard code a "Ports" driver in ntdll ?

CDROM_DeviceIoControl will fail if it's not a CDROM device, so you can try
a parallel port ioctl afterward if you like.


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