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Jacek Caban jack at itma.pwr.wroc.pl
Mon Apr 11 13:31:41 CDT 2005

Mike McCormack wrote:

> Mike Hearn wrote:
>> You're right, but I hope you are not writing a rendering engine from
>> scratch! That would be madness. We really need to adapt Gecko to improve
>> its MSHTML compatibility here.
I don't touch engine code! I use Gecko's embeding API. The HTML rendering
will never be compatibile at all, but that's not important in most
cases. What
we need is a compatibile API, that can be done using Gecko as HTML engine,
everything else we have to implement ourself (eg. my curretnt implementation
uses Gecko to download document, what also needs to be changed).

> Actually, I'd be interested to see how much of Gecko we'd need to
> import/port so that Wine could render HTML.  It seems pretty obvious
> to me from my experiments with the Mozilla Active X control that
> nobody is using it as it is.
> Mike
You'll see this, I promise, but first I need to clean up code, what I do
sending patches.
If you mean how much of code do we need to port to Wine tree, andswer is
that no code excepting creating our headers. Everything else is in shared
library that can be loaded in runtime. My current implementation imports
only 6 functions (and 3 of theme are to manipulate strings!). Everything
else can be done using interfaces.


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