shell32, ntdll tests

Aaron Arvey aarvey at
Mon Apr 11 16:34:53 CDT 2005

Is anyone currently working (or have feedback) on tests for
ntdll/loader.c, ntdll/virtual.c, shell32/folder.c, shell32/shlexec.c, or

More specifically, is it worth the time to write tests for ntdll/loader.c
and ntdll/virtual.c?  It seems that these files would be used to load any
program, so if there were any bugs, I'm guessing they would become
apparent immediately and thus having formal tests would be somewhat
pointless.  Please correct (or reaffirm) me as I am going to write some
tests in my spare time and I want to make sure that they'd be useful to
the wine project.

I'm looking at these specific files because they have code which is run by
google's picasa 2, but not by the wine test suite.



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