D3D9 Work?

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at the-edmeades.demon.co.uk
Thu Apr 21 14:15:02 CDT 2005


FYI I stopped d3d9/wined3d work when I got to a point I had completed the
parts I was doing, and Oliver had sped ahead so I was ending up duplicating
work he was doing - I've put it to one side while waiting on the cvs tree to
get up to where he was. 

The last I heard, Raphael was also willing to look into the shader side of
things, and had an outstanding patch for hardware vertex buffer objects to
help performance, but I think again this was waiting on Oliver's commits.

However, if there seems to be problems, I don't mind continuing, or helping
people work through his patch into manageable chunks for submission - I can
easily give guidance in this area.

I have only limited time, and work a patch at a time, until it gets in cvs,
because as is the case with his current patch, basically it needs reworking
into submittable chunks! However, I think we should give Oliver a little
more time (I wont be touching it until after wineconf anyway). 

Not knowing anthing about d3d8/9 shouldn't hold you back - I knew nothing
when I started on the d3d8 stuff, and it doesn't take that long to pick up
the threads.

FWIW I tried applying the patch sent on here the other day and it failed to
compile (WINED3DFORMAT vs D3DFORMAT), but after fixing that, I tried running
a simple textured demo and it failed (Tutorial 5 from
http://www.two-kings.de/tutorials/d3d.html) - Any chance you could see if it
works for you and if it does send me (offline) a patch for current cvs?


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