USB status ...Who maintains wineserver?

Mike McCormack mike at
Fri Apr 22 03:37:08 CDT 2005

> I think it might be Alexander, and I think the general
> suggestion was "avoid changes to the wineserver".
> Anyone else know?

I'll point out to you once again that Wine is not the right place to 
implement drivers.  Drivers that are loaded in the kernel in Windows 
also belong in the kernel in Linux, not in Wine.

Wine cannot present a driver interface to the rest of the system, nor to 
other programs.

If you want to get a scanner going, the best way would be to make it 
work with SANE or V4L, and then get SANE or V4L to work with Wine's 
still imaging interface.  That is much better than getting it to only 
work in Wine, as other applications will be able to use it via SANE, etc.

Have a look at the work that Maarten Lankhorst is doing on Web cameras 
... he's doing things the right way.

You can continue trying to modify CreateFile, ReadFile, WriteFile etc. 
to make it work, but you'll realize sooner or later that a handle is 
tied to a unix fd.  This is by design.  Alexandre has said time and time 
again that he considers Wine to be just like any other application on 
the system; it reads file through the 'nix FS, and through unix file 

If you still want to loader the Windows driver, go and have a look at 
ndis wrapper.

If you *still* insist that you're going to load drivers in Wine, then 
don't be suprised if your patches are quietly dropped, and your requests 
for help are quietly ignored.


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