Installing Mozilla

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Sun Apr 24 14:29:55 CDT 2005

--- Uwe Bonnes <bon at> wrote:
> Is the Mozilla Installer Installshield or MSI based? Otherwise is it
> open source? Perhaps an easier way to backtrace the problem?

I believe it's open source.  The crash was due to Mozilla attempting to
write to a value that's exported by msvcrt.dll.  It was declared in
msvcrt's spec file, but never defined.  Thus Mozilla was writing to a
garbage pointer.  It's been fixed in Wine.

There's a separate issue that Mozilla probably isn't doing the right
thing.  It's overwriting a buffer it doesn't own and whose size is not
documented, and it should be writing only four characters but is writing
more.  Now that Wine is fixed this is unlikely to cause anyone any
trouble, but it's still not right.


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