Benchmarking Wine againt XP

Tom Wickline twickline at
Thu Apr 28 14:22:57 CDT 2005


Over the last couple weeks Ive been on a little benchmark craze and
now that I'm done I thought I would share my results. All the
benchmarks were run on my duel boot laptop under the same resolutions
and I tried to choose the same settings in the test apps as well to
keep everything as fair as possible.


I sent the results twice but our MODERATOR bounces the results!
So if anyone is interested in this let me know or take it up with the MODERATOR!


Testing Software

PCMark-04 :
3DMark 2001SE :
3DMark 2000 v1.1 :
DronezMark :
GL Excess 1.2 :
UT2004 demo 3334 :
Umark :
Performance Test :
Quake 3 :


PCMark04 : Requirement's include IE6, WMP9, WMP Encoder and DX9 So if a test
other than graphics has a N/A it is because I don't have the required
software currently installed that being IE6 or WMP/Encoder.

Performance Test : The medium and High detail 3D test will work if
there run as a single test. After the low detail test is run a error
saying that no 3D accelerator could be found and the test is aborted.
(Wine bug)

3DMark2001SE : The nature scene will play in the demo but not in the
test. I also had to disable the sprite test or 3DMark2001SE crashes.

3DMark 2000 v1.1 :  XP is "My Project" and Wine is My Project 1"

UT2004/Quake were mostly just for fun, I need to install the native
Linux clients and  see just how close Wine is to native game play.....

System Specs:

Gentoo current, 3.8GHZ CPU, 1GB RAM, 60Gig 7200rpm HD, 256MB Gforce
6800 Go video.


Before you put any merritt into any of my results I would highly
recommend that you run the benchmark software yourself. I am only
sharing *MY* results your results may very depending on your Linux
distro, Linux config, Wine config as well as your systems hardware.


Tom Wickline

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