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Tue Aug 30 17:20:58 CDT 2005

> What gives you the right...
> deny access to our own, privately owned, equipment? 
> Our mail servers are private property, to allow others to use as we
> see it. We have not found a legitimate reason for dial-up users to
> talk directly to recipients' mail servers, especially since your ISP
> provides a good mail server for you to use as a gateway. As such,
> please respect our choice and use the equipment you're authorized to use. 

   Sure they have the right to deny me access to their mail server, but
to imply that I'm only allowed to connect to my ISP's mail server is
   What next? Web site administrators are going to deny access to their
site from dialup users if they don't go through their ISP's proxy? After
all nobody gave you the autorisation to access their web server!

   Well, I cannot tell you that you should switch to another ISP, it
would be too easy for me and hypocritical as I'm not sure I would do it
if I were in your situation. I'll see if I can send them a complaint
email (without it getting bounced).

   Oh. Damn. I cannot send this email to you, it will get bounced!
   Hmm, I'll spam the mailing list with an OT email then (last and only 
one hopefully).

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