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Tue Aug 30 17:20:58 CDT 2005

> > You could try replace version.rc by the following version resource, and
> > to see if it will help (even better try to use both and report the result):
> >
> > oleaut32.dll from the original win95:
> I am sorry, I can't work out just now how to get this into the source
> and make it compile.  Maybe tomorrow I will be a bit cleverer.

I can send a patch if you wish :-). Basically you should add #include "winver.h"
as the very first line and then copy completely all other strings starting with
FILEVERSION    2,10,3024,1

Since juno doesn't query some specific version value (according to your trace),
but wants to get complete version info
Ret version.1: GetFileVersionInfoA() retval=00000001 ret=12032703 fs=008f
Call version.12: VerQueryValueA(40dd0f40,1207c090 "\\",40576db4,40576d6c) ret=12032750 fs=008f
trace:ver:VerQueryValueA (0x40dd0f40,"\\",0x40576db4,0x40576d6c)
Ret version.12: VerQueryValueA() retval=00000001 ret=12032750 fs=008f
Call user32.226: GetActiveWindow() ret=120300c4 fs=008f
Ret user32.226: GetActiveWindow() retval=00000000 ret=120300c4 fs=008f

it would be great if you could experiment with changing version numbers:
FILEVERSION 2,10,3024,1 ---> (in Wine it is 1,0,0,0)
VALUE "FileVersion", "2.1" ---> (in Wine it is "1.0")
VALUE "ProductVersion", "2.1"  ---> (in Wine it is "1.0")

Make sure to change them all simultaneously.

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