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Tue Aug 30 17:20:58 CDT 2005

--- cut ---
"To fully close a file-mapping object, an application must unmap all mapped views
of the file-mapping object by calling UnmapViewOfFile, and close the file-mapping
object handle by calling CloseHandle. The order in which these functions are called
does not matter. The call to UnmapViewOfFile is necessary because mapped views of
a file-mapping object maintain internal open handles to the object, and a file-mapping
object will not close until all open handles to it are closed."
--- cut ---

My patch is WRONG. MSDN says that until both CloseHandle and UnmapViewOfFile are called
the file-mapping object still exists. This is wrong for NT but true for Win9x.

Could anybody add CloseHandle and yet another VirtualQuery calls at the end of my test
and run it under Win9x?

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