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Tue Aug 30 17:20:58 CDT 2005

< 0806a488:Call kernel32.CreateFileA(7f875000
< 0806a488:Call
00,00000000,00000000) ret=7f871b0d
< fixme:win32:DeviceIoControl Unimplemented control 256 for VxD device
< 0806a488:Ret  kernel32.DeviceIoControl() retval=00000000 ret=7f871b0d
< 0806a488:RET  netbios.6: _Netbios(405f193c) retval = 00000000 ret=7f9c1026
< 0806a488:RET  netapi32.1: Netbios(405f193c) retval = 00000000 ret=1001de6e

Good. It seems to work exactly the way I thought (or rather hoped) it would.

Now we can presumably forget about the VxD and the undocumented NETBIOS DLL
and concentrate on implementing the documented NETAPI32 DLL.

It would be intresting to know what the content of NCB structure that
Netbios takes as pointer to as argument.

So the next step would be to make a Wine implementation of the NETAPI32.DLL
with a stub with an appropriate TRACE to display to NCB structure.

I don't think I have time do it is the next few days though.
Can somebody else please do it?

PS. On second thought perhaps we should make the NETAPI32.DLL just a forward
to the NETBIOS.DLL. It seems from the trace above that the Netbios function
in NETAPI32.DLL is the same function as _Netbios in NETAPI32.DLL and Netbios
is the only  function in NETAPI32 while NETBIOS have more functions
they are AFAIK undocumented.

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