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Tue Aug 30 17:20:58 CDT 2005

1/ integrate the MSC, .DBG symbol loader (which already exists in Wine).
This requires some work, as symbol loading in GDB is rather different.
GDB implements a three phase loading for the symbols (just to speed up
to loading speed). Symbols come into three flavors:
- minimal: exported symbols from a module
- partial: the global symbols of a module (without their types)
- full: the partial symbols (plus their type) and all the local
2/ the module type recognition requires refinement. As of today, GDB is
confused when a PE module is loaded. GDB thinks it's either a real PE
module or an EFI module (GDB code isn't refined enough because those two
module types are never compiled together). This should be fixed somehow.
For now, removing efi support while compiling gdb is enough.
3/ automatic loading of debug information when a PE module is loaded.
This has been done for the Cygwin port, but requires to use the Win32
debug API (read a winelib gdb) which IMO is a very hard task (in
particular, in the maintenance area).

let me know if you need further information


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