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Tue Aug 30 17:20:58 CDT 2005

"Fortunately, most OSS applications have a build system based around the 
 MinGW tool chain. Sometimes they have alternative build systems for the 
 Borland and/or Microsoft tools, but more often than not they have to 
 support the MinGW tools out of necessity. I will cover this class of 
 applications for the rest of this section."

I should have been more clear: this message address this class of apps.
The closed source ones have a VC++ build system, as you say, and are
covered by winemaker. Not the focus of my efforts, though.

> In any case, IMO this is what's winemaker is all about. Your idea of
> introducing compatibility tools is nice but somewhat limited in scope.
> What we really need is a much more intelligent winemaker.

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