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Tue Aug 30 17:20:58 CDT 2005

"Before I begin, I think I need to explain why we have to treat these
 applications any differently. Why don't we just run winemaker, and get
 it over with? The reason is quite simple: people are attached to their
 build process, and for good reason. If we are to have our modifications
 included in their tree, we can not simply submit a new build system. 
 Such a patch would never be accepted. Needless to say, having these
 modifications included in their build process is important."

If we are to just generate a parallel build system, we'd be wasting out
time. We have to make it simple so we have a chance of the app maintainers
doing the porting themselves. There are thousand of apps, all we can do is
port a few. But if we want them to recognize Wine as a platform, and port
to it, we can not expect them to simply accept a parallel set of makefiles
which are just a bit different from what they have.


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