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Tue Aug 30 17:20:58 CDT 2005

of file systems is such a basic part of *nix that it 
might take some lateral thinking to circumvent it.

As for Sylvain's suggestion, I set up automounting this evening,
but unfortunately this did not solve my problem:
the same processes attached to /dev/cdrom were still open 
(5 belonging to wine and 1 to wineserver), 
and <eject> gave a "device busy" response. 

Tony Lambregts:

>What version of Wine are you useing. Disk changing should not be a 
>problem under the latest releases of Wine. 

I'm not exactly sure. As you guessed I'm using Transgamings
current winex installation (subscription version).

>WineX is a different flavor of Wine,  So it may still have this problem. In 
>other words if you have this problem when useing Wine then you should 
>report it to .  Since you have this problem under 
>WineX I guess you should be contacting Transgaming.

I guess, except that's where I first posted this message and got no
satisfactory response. Perhaps I ought to approach them more directly 
as you suggest.

>I regularly use Riven which 
>is a five disk set. In order to play the game I have to change disks 
>when I move from one island to the next. I do recall that about a year 
>ago that there was a problem in that Wine would not close off files so 
>that umount would not work.

There is one possible significant difference between installation of
a program and changing disks in the course of a game as you describe:
in the first case wine is running setup.exe which is on the CD, and hence
wine has processes open which access the CD drive. In your case wine is running
the game program which has been transferred to the hard disk. It is now Riven
which accesses the CD drive and (conceivably) when the time comes to change the
CD, it will first close down all processes which use the drive. Maybe. 

Thanks for your comments.
I would welcome further discussion if anybody cares to join in.

Roger Young
r.young at

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