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Tue Aug 30 17:20:58 CDT 2005

aliasing work.

> As I am a newbie to D3D is there something else to be done to make this really 
> work?

Well, from what I understand from D3D and GL this is wrong. This code should
rather be in the DrawPrimitive call when the 'D3DRENDERSTATE_EDGEANTIALIAS'
flag is set to TRUE (and only for lines).

The 'D3DRENDERSTATE_ANTIALIAS' flag is used to enable full-scene
anti-aliasing (something that is NOT controlled by OpenGL function call at

The only thing that GL provides is this, but it has a caveat as seen in the
man page for glEnable :

GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH        If enabled, draw polygons with proper filtering.
                         Otherwise, draw  aliased  polygons.  For correct
			 anti-aliased  polygons, an alpha buffer is needed
			 and the polygons must be sorted front to back.

So if we use it, we need to have an Alpha buffer, set ourselves the blend
factors and ask the application to send the primitives sorted (see Red Book
for a discussion on that).

If you want to really enable anti-aliasing, you can (on NVIDIA drivers) by
setting an environment variable (__GL_FSAA_MODE). I have no idea if any GL
extension is planned to control anti-aliasing from GL itself, this could be
asked to people participating in the GL ARB meetings (like Brian Paul or
people like him).

So I don't think this patch should be applied as is...


		 Lionel Ulmer -

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