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Tue Aug 30 17:20:58 CDT 2005

Tom Wickline wrote:

> I am in the process of updating section 3.1. ( Wine
Static and 
> Shareable Files ) of the
> Packagers Guide : 
> Below is a list of what I have so far. This list is
by no means done 
> or correct .
> I would like to submit it here for overview. If you
are aware of 
> something that
> is out of place, incorrect, or just out right wrong
could you please give
> feed back on it.
> This could also serve to start as a mini Wine
Dictionary :))
> That is not my current goal but if others think it
could be of use
> I could spend some time on one after the Packagers
Guide is updated.
> Tom
> --------------------------------------------
> -- = files that are listed in this Doc but are not
installed on my 
> system.
> *  = files are in this Doc and on my system
> @ = files that are on my system but not in the Doc
> #  = files that are not in the Doc or on my System (
wineboot ) 

Then how do you know of their existance ;-). If
wineboot is not 
installed, that's a bug. We should fix it.

I'll try to help with the things I know. This is far
from authorative on 
most, however.

> @ regedit : A tool to browse/edit your regestory or
for exporting a 
> windows registory to Wine. 

Not browse. At least, not yet.

> # wineboot : A Winelib application that's executed
by Wine on startup 
> of the first wine process of a particular user.
>         * wininit.ini processing
>         * registry RenameFiles entries
>         * RunServices* / RunOnce* / Run registry
>         * win.ini Load= / Run= entries
>         * StartUp folder processing 

the last two are not yet done. Also not yet done is
for wineboot to 
automatically run when needed. Currently you have to
manually run it 
after you install something.

> @ winemine :  A winmine clone "Windows Minesweeper"

Yep, using horrid green colors. I'm sorry if I have
offended the author 
(Joshua Thielen, are you still with us?)

> @ winepath : Specifies the path(s) in which to
search for builtin dlls 
> and Winelib applications. 

I think this is an executable that, given a Unix path,
will tell you 
what Wine sees it like (i.e. - you tell it
~/c/windows, and it tells you 
C:\Windows). I'm not sure on that one.

> -- winesetup : This is a Tcl/Tk based front end that
provides a user 
> friendly tool to edit and configure the
WINECONFDIR/config file. 

Anyone knows where it is? It was never based on the
winehq sources.


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