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Tue Aug 30 17:20:58 CDT 2005

With the FormatMessage fix, of course, everything is
hunky dory.  If you have a copy of win9x's route.exe,
try "wine -- route.exe print"

Without it and with this fix, ipconfig.exe crashes in
msvcrt.printf, presumably from a NULL format string. 
(I hacked FormatMessage to return "bogus" rather than
NULL, and ipconfig.exe printed bogus and exited.)

Without either fix, I get a seg fault.  If I run it in
winedbg, I can't break, but it tells me there's a page
fault.  If I run it in gdb, I get a page fault.

How can I investigate further?

I'm running on a weird beta of RH8.1 (never
released?), configured --with-nptl.


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