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Tue Aug 30 17:20:58 CDT 2005

merge some time ago where they merged all the 2D stuff and left out their 3D

So this must be the GL initialisation of the 3D part in the HAL (ie for 3D
rendering, not for 2D rendering using OpenGL).

> I was just planning to write a OpenGL backend for directdraw (i.e. using 
> glDrawPixels, etc), as i think it would be almost as fast as dga and far more 
> stable, but does anyone think it would be a bad idea?

Did you do some benchmarks on the glDrawPixels call to see the speed of it
(try to compare it with the same code, but using the texture engine) ? And
how do you plan to handle Direct3D with this back-end ?

Anyway, I had something like that planned for a long time, but using
textures rather than glDrawPixels (for one reason : some hardware has
paletted texture support, which means that we can remove all
colour-conversion code as it will be handled at worst by the driver, at best
by the graphics hardware).

One could also accelerate Blts with this, but this leads to another can of
worms : you won't have an exact copy of the frame-buffer in application
memory anymore (thus would need to use glReadPixels which is even slower
than glDrawPixels :-) ).


		 Lionel Ulmer -

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