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Tue Aug 30 17:20:58 CDT 2005

yes.  From the standpoint of developers I'd have thought so too.

After all, if you don't have a bug database, how do you know
what bugs have been identified?

Bugzilla is (or could be) a valuable place.  It acts as a
central database and repository of information relevant to
issues with WINE.  (That can include development as well as
bug-fixes).  That includes relevant links and trace files.
A well-used Bugzilla would be better for searching
(although spelling application names correctly would help
(see 1882) ).

The newsgroups and IRC channels are more convenient fora
for discussions but then the wheat has to be stored somewhere
and Bugzilla is one of the places it could be stored.

And I wasn't misled, although I am slightly disappointed. :P

Mike Hearn wrote:

> One thing I notice about most other open source projects is that they
> have many more flamewars than we do. So, I thought I'd start one:
> It strikes me, looking at the wine-bugs list, that there is a huge
> disparity between the number of people maintaining it and the number
> of people filing bugs in it. It seems to be quite rare for
> communication on bugfixes to take place there, wine-devel is the more
> usual forum.
> So are we misleading users by having a bugzilla into thinking that if
> they file a bug there, it'll be fixed when it probably won't?
> If so, does it matter?
> If we were to simply drop bugzilla, how would it impact the project?
> Thoughts, anybody?
> thanks -mike

cdwine at

* My C is, errmm, underdeveloped, but I have just installed from source.

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