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Tue Aug 30 17:20:58 CDT 2005


Here is a list of the soft dependencies. We suggest packagers
install each and every last of those before building the package.
These libraries are not dependencies in the RPM sense. In DEB packages,
they should appear as "Suggests" or "Recommends", as the case may be.
    * FreeType:
      This library is used for direct rendering of fonts. It provides
      better support of fonts than using the X11 fonts engine. It is
      only needed for the X11 back end engine. Used from GDI.

    * Alsa: (Linux only)
      This library gives sound support to the Windows environment.

    * JACK:
      Similar to Alsa, it allow Wine to use the JACK audio server.

    * CUPS:
      This library allows Windows to see CUPS defined printers.

    * OpenGL
      This is used for both OpenGL and Direct3D (and some other
      DirectX functions as well) support in Wine. There are many many
      libraries for providing this functionality. It is enough for one
      of them to be available when compiling Wine. Wine can work with
      any other library during runtime.
      If no library is available, packagers are encouraged to compile
      Wine with Mesa3D (, which requires no
      hardware support to install.

    * LittleCMS:
      This library is used to implement MSCMS (Color Management System)
      which is needed by an increasing number of graphics applications.

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