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Tue Aug 30 17:20:58 CDT 2005

     If the GLX_PRESERVED_CONTENTS_SGIX attribute is set to False in
    <attrib_list>, then an "unpreserved" pbuffer is created and the
    contents of the pbuffer may be lost at any time. If this attribute
    is not specified, or if it is specified as True in <attrib_list>,
    then when a resource conflict occurs the contents of the pbuffer
    will be preserved (most likely by swapping out portions of the
    buffer to main memory).  In either case, the client can register
    to receive a "buffer clobber" event which is generated when the
    pbuffer contents have been preserved or have been damaged. (See
    the event description.)

So the fixme should be fixed to always return GL_FALSE I think.

Also, there is an interesting workaround for the clicking problem as well on
the Gentoo forums.  Seems to be working for the majority of people
(including myself).  It seems to reaffirm that the problem is indeed
the memory layout.

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